Subtle things create value to our life. Our daily will be nibbling up by aesthetics, delicate details become something we desperate for, it carves into our routine like etching. We need to treat ourselves well all the time, to experience life from daily details.

Art – 藝術
Etch – 蝕刻 (讀音跟Edge一樣)
Artetch Living – 把藝術刻畫到生活當中,與美學同步。

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We mainly do picture hanging and artwork installation as well as supply of hanging system. We emphasise precision, quality and service. Able to deal with single customers and even corporate customers. Detailed explanation of each installation brings confidence to our customers.

We aim to bring art into life, artworks can be displayed beautifully and safely in different spaces, which is in a way to create unique atmosphere to the environment.

Some of our team members are graduated from Art School, some are used to work in galleries, some are having interior design background. They have the understanding of art and environmental aesthetics, in order to provide installation ideas to customers if they want.

More than that, our technician are experienced in decoration and construction engineering. They can ensure a safely and steadily artwork installation. They can have the way to display a painting under some limited conditions. They can tailor-made the accessories that required for the installation project.

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