Artwork delivery 藝術品收送

有畫框及膠片的作品會用紙角包好四角,再以氣泡塑料把畫包好。畫布可以捲好,再以氣泡塑料包好;如油彩是厚厚的話,不建議捲起運送,通常是已經拉好在木架上的,便可以使用硅油紙 Silicon coated paper包好畫面,再以氣泡塑料把整幅畫包好。如果是紙本作品,會捲起放入捲筒內再運送。



Art work pick up and delivery
For framed artwork with acrylic cover, we will use paper corner to protect the corner of your artwork, and pack with bubble wrap.

If it is an oil painting with thick oil, we do not suggest to roll up, normally it should be stretched on a wooden rack, so we will use silicon coated paper to cover the front and pack with bubble wrap.

For the work on paper, we can roll up and put in a tube or if the size is small, we can lay it flat with cardboard protection.

Apart from well packing, we also concern about how to locate the artwork in other to have better protection during the delivery, such as one artwork back should stick with another artwork back, which artwork front should stick with another artwork front. Tight the artworks together with a cotton belt to avoid shaking during the transportation.

We also concern about the driving speed, we do not suggest to drive fast because the thing we transport is not a good, it is an art piece. We prefer to driver safe and slower.

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