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Artwork framing 裱畫


我們製作的畫框色系屬大地色系,例如小麥色 wheat、硬木色 burlywood、日曬色 tan、樹皮色 bark、橄欖色 olive 等等。當然黑、白色也有。適用於當代畫作,用於家居或辦公室都沒有一點違和感。

而且於「畫框款式」所見的所有顏色都可套用在任個一個款式上,即是可以選擇要畫框A的款 但要畫框B的色,是可以訂造的。

artwork framing
Artwork Framing 裝裱

We provide “Muji” style picture frame. Pine wood timber is from New Zealand. Using variety of imported tree bark, through special treatment to become the moulding surface and produce to picture frame eventually. The entire process is MADE IN HONG KONG

Earth tone colour is our core colour tone for the frame moulding. Such as wheat, hardwood, burlywood, sun tan, bark, olive and so on. Black and white are also available. Suitable for contemporary paintings. 

All the colour seen in the “moulding style” can be applied to any style. For example, you can choose to use frame A style but want frame B colour. That can be customised. 

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