Artwork type: drawing on paper / Photograph / Poster / Print
Option 1 (not suggest):Normal framing, acrylic / glass sheet directly on top of the work, no visible border surrounds the artwork

Option 2:Add matboard window on the artwork

Option 3:Floating artwork, got distance between artwork and frame

Option 1 – Normal framing

Option 2 – Matboard window framing

Option 3 – Artwork floating framing

Artwork type: painting on canvas
Option 1:Stretching on 2cm thick wooden rack
If painting is larger than 2m, suggest to stretch on 4cm thick wooden rack

Option 2:Add floater frame after stretching

Artwork type: 3D work
Depends on the work, we have different suggestion for you. Please what’sapp or email us the artwork image and size, and we will give you an advice.

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