We have a unique, strong and compact product range of picture hanging rail for different use. From light to strong and professional use. The features are as followings:

Extra strong wall installation with double attachment.

The low in click point allows rail to be installed tight to the ceiling. There is enough space for the head of the drilling machine.

High positioning of hanging point makes the Twister head disappear in the rail.

We have style: R10、R20、R30 及 R40︰

Twister Wire

  • Twist and click, ensuring a safe and secure attachment.
  • Can be used in any location on the rail system.
  • Nice and secure, but also easy to move.
  • Maximum carrying capacity 20kg/m.
  1. Easy vertical insertion without bending or tilting the wire
  2. By turning the Twister a quarter turn, it locks into place in the upper rail
  3. The Twister is secured by moving it downwards

4 different types of wire:

Steel twister: apply to R10, R20, R30 & R40
Feature: more durable than perlon twister

Perlon twister: apply to R10, R20, R30 & R40
Feature: transparent

Straight rod: apply to R10, R20, R30 & R40 which need to pair with H50 hook (affordable weight is only 5kg)
Feature: you can twist the rod in any place at the rail without using a step or stair.

S rod: only apply to R30 non hidden part
Feature: pair with 40kg rod hook for heavy work


Unique design:
1. Easy adjustment to the millimetre, suitable for left and right-handed users
2. Self-locking system with steel balls which prevents damage to the perlon wire
3. Capacity 20kg on both perlon and steel wires

H100 及 H100 security: apply on R10, R20, R30 & R40, pair with steel twister and perlon twister. Affordable weight 20kg.

40kg rod hook: only apply on R30 and pair with S rod. Affordable weight 40kg.

H50: apply on R10, R20, R30及 R40 and pair with straight rod. Affordable weight only 5kg.

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