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Artetchliving is the exclusive distributor of Newly in Hong Kong.

The founder of Newly already in the art industry for many years and besides he is an collector, a gallery owner and an artist. His art background allows him to lead Newly team successfully – they produce unique combination of picture hanging system. Their innovative products is known in the market as a high quality product manufacture which is minimal, easy to use, flexible and safe. Hanging system helps to solve a lot of hanging issue.

R10 capacity: 20kg/m

Suitable for home use, minimalist
Mount on wall

Rail to be mounted on wall which can also tight to the ceiling. Neat and minimal.


R20 capacity: 30kg/m

Suitable for gallery and office space
Mount on wall

Rail design is same as R10, but a bit wider for more capacity.


R30 capacity: 50kg/m

Suitable for heavy piece installation
Mount on wall

A very strong rail for professional use in place where you sometimes want to hang small paintings and another time large and heavy works or mirrors.


R40 capacity: 20kg/m

Suitable for shop, office and window display
Mount on ceiling

It can be used in shop window and so but also on any kind of ceiling where wall mounting is not possible.


What is hanging system?

It combines with the rail (A) – either mounted on ceiling or wall, the wires and the picture hooks (D). Always recommended to use 2 wires and 2 hooks to hang up 1 painting for good balance and safety. Transparent perlon wire (B) and steel wire (C) is available.  

Which area is suitable to use hanging system?

Gallery, home, office, hotel, school, restaurant… Basically is any place where you want to hang up an art piece.

Under what circumstance we have to use hanging system?

Since you can change the displayed artwork by yourself in a breeze after you installed the hanging system, it is suitable for someone who will always do the artwork replacement and this can also avoid the issue of drilling a new holes. Art rail is also popular for the walls which are not allowed to drill such as a feature wall.

How to select art rail?

  1. Base on the weight of what you are going to hang. Our rail has different affordable weight, normally wider rail for heavier work.
  2. Base on which surface you install the rail, on the wall or on the ceiling. (for example, wooden surface is weaker than concrete surface, therefore, you might consider to install the rail at the concrete side.)

Lab test
Newly got lab test for every accessories, user can use the products with no doubt.

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