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Updated Activities :

Start from Sept 2021
Printing service Thanks for our printing partner – PLANAR STUDIO provides us a professional printing service, allows us to have one-stop service from printing to framing for our clients.
3 – 28 July2021
We Strive . We Breathe Photo exhibition A photo exhibition by a local photographer Lester Lau. In this exhibition, Lester tries to capture the pulse of our era through 20 film photographs and 1 installation.
11:00 – 19:00PMQ H207
3 – 28 July2021
Hanging System POP UP showroom 1 month pop up showroom for displaying different type of hanging system at PMQ.
11:00 – 19:00PMQ H207

Hanging system – composed of the rail (track), wire and hook.
use for: displaying artworks, paintings, posters, photos, notices…

System for paintings or framed artworks.

System for hanging foamboards or panels.

System for sloping surface and office ceiling.

Artetchliving professional in various types of art installation. The most common is to provide artwork hanging at home, office, hotel, gallery, and other spaces. Other than that, we can tailor made suitable display and hanging method for irregularly shaped paintings or three-dimensional objects.

We are the exclusive Hanging System distributor of a Netherlands brand in Hong Kong. To further assist for the art installation service, we highly recommend people to install hanging rail for picture hanging. Users can hang up or replace the paintings with zero effort. And do not have to worry about the drilling and wall repairing. It is suitable for people who frequently change artworks and perfect for the places where the wall is not allow holes, such as some feature walls. Hanging System is a way to display artworks, paintings, photos, and notices.

We also provide artwork framing service – recommend appropriate framing method for different types of artworks. Apart from varies wood moulding selection, we also aim for conservation framing which can effectively reduce the “aging” situation. Framing is a way to maintenance the artwork.

Artwork Hanging – A Life Style

Life ignites imagination
Life consists of more than one language
We share common beliefs in life
We build our lives together

Time allows us to grow
Persevere and time will tell
Show warmth and it will radiate on others around us

Sometimes we might be disappointed
Do not despair as life will spark hope again


POP UP Showroom x Exhibition at PMQ

In this July, we will have a pop up showroom at Central PMQ. We are going to use our hanging system to present a photo exhibition. Below is the details of the exhibition. [ We Strive . We Breathe ] photo exhibition by Lester Lau Exhibition Period:3 July – 28 July 2021 Exhibition Time:Monday to…

Basic care of the glazing

Many framed artworks will be glazed or covered with a sheet of glass or acrylic. It may pick up dust over time, you can do the below for maintenance.

Wall art with light

Some contemporary art or installation include the element of “light”, the art is lighting up. For which, neon light is the most common. If you would like to bring this kind of art home, please kindly consider which wall you will use to hang up and where is the nearest power supply.

Conservation Framing 1.0

A correct framing method for an artwork is necessary, this is a way to maintain your valued art piece.

How to upkeep artworks

Many art lovers tend to focus on the pieces they love, but they often overlook the upkeep process of the artworks. In fact, maintaining proper upkeep on the works can…

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