Wall art with light

Some contemporary art or installation include the element of “light”, the art is lighting up. For which, neon light is the most common. If you would like to bring this kind of art home, please kindly consider which wall you will use to hang up and where is the nearest power supply.

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Artetchliving recently helps client to connect power supply to the artwork, however it is not working at the beginning, so we have to find out the problem. We discovered that one of the three cords is broken, we then replace a set of new cords. But! It is still not working. We need to seek for the reason again. Surprisingly, one of the cord is comes from the ceiling light bulb which is lose! After repair and the re-connection, the art finally can light up!

It needs 3 hours for the whole process. If all cords are qualified and well connected, the power connection to the art only needs around 20 minutes.

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