POP UP Showroom x Exhibition at PMQ

In this July, we will have a pop up showroom at Central PMQ. We are going to use our hanging system to present a photo exhibition. Below is the details of the exhibition.

[ We Strive . We Breathe ] photo exhibition by Lester Lau

Exhibition Period:3 July – 28 July 2021
Exhibition Time:Monday to Sunday|11am to 7pm
Opening Date and Time:3 July 2021 | 2pm to 4pm
Location:Central PMQ | Block B Room: H207

Artetch Living is pleased to present “We Strive . We Breathe” – A photo exhibition by a local photographer Lester Lau which will be held at The PMQ from 3 July to 28 July 2021. In this exhibition, Lester tries to capture the pulse of our era through 20 film photographs and 1 installation. We would like to invite you to the exhibition opening on 3 July at 2pm, Lester will provide a guided tour of his works.

Breathing is the basic need of survival, a born instinct.
So why do we find breathing so hard?
Is it because we are feeling suffocated?
We struggled hard, fought hard, yet we fell apart.
How should we cope and continue to pull through these struggles?

Lester has travelled around Hong Kong to seek and capture scenes in different corners. This is how he reveals his feeling of each moment and motivates himself to keep on breathing. This series of works is the record of our time and an effort to create resonance among Hong Kong people. Let’s breathe hard and freely together!

Artetch Living is the sole organiser of this exhibition. Artetch Living mainly provides imported hanging system and artwork installation service. This exhibition aims to demonstrate how a well-fitted hanging system can offer art lovers and interior designers a flexible and beautiful solution to display their art pieces. Also, it is an excellent chance to showcase creative works produced by our local artist.

Lester Lau was born in 1992 and raised in Hong Kong. His film photography journey began during his years in middle school. It gradually became his way of expressing his feelings and more than a hobby. He started to capture images with his film camera on an academic exchange trip to South Africa and Paris after graduating from the University. Since then, he has explored different techniques of photography other than film. He is good at shooting photos related to daily life, travel, portraits and streets.

While growing up in a world full of neon lights and skyscrapers, he loves nature, the sea and mountains. His subject matters cover extensively from small fishing villages to the metropolitan city and from bustling streets to peaceful harbours. As he watches the subtle changes in Hong Kong, taking photos seems to be his way of responding to the city’s howl.

In Lester’s photos, you will see lifestyles, moments, memories, friends and travel. He said that “a timeless moment is normally unseen and easy to be forgotten”, he hopes to keep, reveal and share his vision with everyone in the world through photography.

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