Rail capacity: 20kg/m
2 meters per rail

– Steel
– Perlon

– H100
– H100 security

R40 is a strong and unique rail for installation to the ceiling which can be used in shop windows and so but also on any kind of ceilings where wall mounting is not possible.

R40 spec
Installation video

R40 accessories:

With 8pcs per rail FREE clip suspension. But without screw – please buy from the hardware because every wall needs difference type and length of screw.

End cap is not with the rail, it needs to buy separably. Actually you do not need to buy if the rail end is not facing outside.

Artwork hanging notice:

  • Always recommended to use 2 wires and 2 hooks to hang up 1 painting for good balance and safety. 
  • Although perlon wire and steel wire has the same capacity, please note that steel is more durable than perlon.
  • If the wire is too long after you hang up a painting, do not need to trim it. You can just roll it up and hide it at the painting back.
  • Although the wire capacity is 20kg/m, it is impossible to carry 40kg work even you use 2 wires, because the track capacity is 20kg only.
  • If it is plaster ceiling, we do not suggest to install.

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