Solo hanger

The solo hanger lets you hang pictures from vertical, sloping and horizontal surfaces.

Ball-ended steel cable fits into domed housing which screws onto a base screwed to ceiling or wall.

Use singly or in pairs
Affordable weight is 20kg

Install the solo hanger clip against wall or ceiling (with 6mm plug and clip), put the steel cable with ball end through the sleeve of the cap and screw the cap on the clip.

A complete set consists of: solo hanger clip and cap part, steel cable 1.8mm with ball end (in length 1m or 2m), H100 hook and 6mm plug and screw.

Installation video

Solo hanger with magnets

The solo hanger is also available with 6 strong magnets, idea to hang your cards, drawings, notices and so.

A complete set contains: solo hanger cap, steel cable with ball end in different lengths (1m and 2m), 6pcs of magnets, plug and screw

Ceiling hanger I

Ceiling hanger for edges of suspended ceilings. This hanger slides onto the ceiling edge rail, slipping under the ceiling tile. Push-on cap locks on it. Then the perlon suspender with adjustable hook is ready to hang art, sign boards etc.

Use singly or in pairs
Affordable weight is 5kg

Mounting instruction:
1. Push up the panel of the ceiling just a few centimetres
2. Slide the ceiling clamper over the aluminium L-strip
3. Close the clamper by pushing the lit till you feel a “click”

A complete set consists of:ceiling clamper, perlon cord 2m attached to the clamper and H50 hook

Installation video

Ceiling hanger II – ceiling clamp

Ceiling clamp, hanger for suspended ceilings. Unique clamp can be used for signs on almost any suspended ceiling in shops and offices.

Use singly or in pairs
Affordable weight is 3kg

Mounting instruction:
Squeeze the clamper and release it onto the bar. It fixes on all sizes and can be re-used.

A complete set consists of:ceiling clamp, 1.2mm steel cable in length 50cm or 100cm or 150cm.

Perlon fixator

Holds the top of the frame close to perlon or steel suspenders, helping it hang closer to the vertical. The perlon fixator fixes singly or as a pair to the top of a wooden frame, aligned over the hanging point of the hooks. The perlon or cable suspenders clip into the guide and are positioned by the indexing pips.

Stopper set

If you want to install your rail in a steep position (for example: under the attic roof or under the stairs), here is a solution to avoid the cords from sliding down – steep stopper.

Affordable weight is 5kg

Mounting instruction:
With the alley-key you screw the special nipple into the rail (any place you want). Slide in (not a twister) the special perlon with slider from the end of the rail till it will be stopped by the stopper.

Do not use twister perlon in this scenario and stick to the H50 hook capacity, otherwise the screw nipple is not strong enough to carry more heavy loads.

A set consists of: screw nipple, perlon with slider 150cm, H50 hook and alley-key

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