Tips for picture hanging

“May your spirit fly freely into eternity” – Memory Iceland by JOSEPH MELDRUM 

What you have to think before hang up some pictures on your wall?
Below example is showing how you can think about picture hanging at your living room
(above the sofa). Three basic question you can ask yourself:

掛畫前要考慮什麼? 如果沒有頭緒,可以問問自己三個簡單問題。

  • Picture size & numbers of picture | 畫的尺寸及數量
  • Position | 位置
  • Height | 高度

Picture size & numbers of picture

If only ONE picture, consider the proportion of the picture and your sofa. It is not good to have small size picture because it will look so stingy.


If TWO pictures, this is better even both pictures are not big enough. When two small pictures combine, it become a suitable size. But please be aware the distance of those pictures.



It is a safe way to place the pictures evenly if you have no idea how to deal with it.



Do not place the pictures too high or too low, just adjust the middle point of your picture to be at your eye level. And if you place too high, your light at the ceiling will probably block your view.

千萬不要把畫掛得太高,可把畫中心的位置定在你的視覺高度 (eye level)。看右圖,黑線高度就是你眼睛直望的高度。而且如果把畫掛高的話,客廳的吊燈就會成為阻礙。

Good luck to your home decor.

Wall psd created by alexandercho –
Photography by Lester Lau

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